We have been disappointed by an inability on our part to collect meaningful data on workforce development and job training programs across the country. Most importantly, we have had very little luck obtaining outcomes reporting to help us identify programs that work and those that don’t. Therefore, Economic Growth DC is pleased to announce its intention to create what we’re calling the Workforce Development Repository. It will serve as a global collection point for all known empirical research on the efficacy of workforce development and job training programs. It will also act as a survey of job training programs currently in use around the world and it will collect information on the effectiveness of these programs. The most successful programs and best practices will be identified, highlighted and shared with workforce development professionals and advocates in the District and around the world. The Repository will provide government agencies and other workforce development organizations with information about the cutting edge of workforce development for implementation in their own jurisdictions.

This initiative will be run from our charitable foundation, the Economic Growth DC Foundation. All contributions to this effort are fully tax-deductible and will be used exclusively to support the Repository. We are in the process of figuring out how much such a site would cost and the technical feasibility of such a project. Ultimately, we’d like to see it staffed by a small cadre of workforce development experts who will analyze programs around the world with an eye on measuring effectiveness, and help jurisdictions implement best practices. If you’d like to help us get started, you can donate on our website at http://economicgrowthdc.org/donate. Please also send us an email directing your donation specifically to the Workforce Development Repository.

Workforce Plan