There has been a lot of noise generated recently, mainly by the driving lobby, about a war on cars in DC. For us it’s pretty simple: there is more economic activity in places where people walk than there is where they simply drive by. It’s hard to shop and eat if you’re wizzing by in a car. It should be DC government policy that we intend to get people out of their cars as much as possible and the DC government shouldn’t be embarrassed by or try to downplay that policy. Fewer cars and more pedestrians is good for economic growth. Reduced carbon emissions are a pleasant byproduct of the increased economic activity. When you combine the economic and environmental benefits of such a policy, it’s almost a no brainer. The folks at AAA are just doing their job, which is to sell as many AAA memberships as they can — which requires people to drive as much as possible, but do not confuse their interests with the best interests of the city.