This week, the National Capital Planning Commission rejected the idea of increasing the height limits of DC buildings. The Gray administration submitted a competing plan giving the District more autonomy over building heights and a relaxation of height limits. The ultimate decision will be made by Congress. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight, which has primary jurisdiction over the District, will hold a hearing on the Height Act on Monday 12/2. Economic Growth DC will be in attendance at this hearing as we consider raising the height limits on DC buildings to be an imperative for future growth.

The District is only 68 square miles. It is already densely packed and there are 1,000 new people moving to the District every month. Our sky high real estate property values and rent costs are a function of a lack of supply of housing. Considering that we cannot annex adjoining territory, the only place for us to go is up. This can be done smartly and responsibly, without damaging the character and aesthetic appeal of the District.