Like a lot of organizations, Economic Growth DC is interested in getting specific and detailed answers to questions we care about. In our case, that means economic issues. We have attached a draft of the candidate questionnaire we’d like to have the mayoral candidates to fill out. We’re asking our readers and followers to take a look at our questionnaire and give us your feedback, including questions you may have in areas of interest that we might not have covered.

If you are interested in the answers to our questions, download a copy as a .pdf and send it to your favorite candidate. We feel our questionnaire is filled with serious questions that require serious and thoughtful answers. We will not use the responses to endorse any one candidate, but we will use the results to issue a letter grade on how pro-growth a particular candidate is.

In difficult economic times, we cannot let our future mayor go an entire campaign without seriously laying out their economic platform. Help us by telling the campaigns they should answer the questions.

If you would like to take a swipe at the answers, submit them to We’ll rank your answers too.

2014 Mayoral Election Questionnaire