Without a Paycheck.

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Unemployment By Ward 2014 Infographic

This infographic represents the headline unemployment rate, but it is not a true picture of joblessness in the District of Columbia. For a better understanding of the true scope of the unemployment and underemployment problem in DC, you have to look at the U6 unemployment rate. The headline rate represents the number of people who… Read more »Read more

Robust Growth? Not So Much…

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DC vs ND Growth Chart Interior

Real GDP growth (technically it’s called state domestic product, or SDP) in the District averaged 1.28% since 2007. North Dakota, a state with a similar population, averaged 7.2%. In order to do the things the District government says it wants to do — combat homelessness, fund affordable housing, expand Medicaid and other social services, a… Read more »Read more

Out of Balance.

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Government spending accounts for approximately 12% of the economy of the average state. In the District, it’s 35%. This ratio is unhealthy. The answer is to grow the private sector segments of our economy at rates faster than government itself grows. The District should strive to grow its private sector fast enough so that government… Read more »Read more