Code4Life Now Hiring Paid Instructors for Spring 2017 Semester

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Code4Life is an after-school program created by the Economic Growth DC Foundation in partnership with Accenture that teaches basic computer programming skills to middle-school students. We’ll be teaching Code4Life in about 30 classrooms in DC public and charter schools this semester, and so we need to hire 30 instructors to teach our curriculum. See below for… Read more »Read more

About Code4Life

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The “Sputnik Crisis” was triggered by the launch of Sputnik 1, the world’s first artificial satellite, on October 4, 1957 from what is now known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It stirred within the American people a sense that they had fallen behind the Soviet Union technologically, and in the “race for space.” But Americans didn’t… Read more »Read more

Who Pays the Payroll Tax?

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Debate rages in the District of Columbia over the costs and wisdom of a District-wide paid leave program. The point we make on this issue is employers do not pay payroll taxes. They merely pass them along to employees in the form of lower wages, fewer hours, jobs lost, more expensive health coverage, fewer vacation… Read more »Read more

The Most Fundamental of All Entitlements

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  By Dave Oberting   Proposition Here is the proposition that underlies all that we do at Economic Growth DC: the right to a decent full-time job is the most basic and fundamental entitlement of them all. It is the cornerstone of social justice. It is the foundation of human dignity. We often forget that… Read more »Read more

Current Economic Conditions in the District of Columbia

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  When a visitor comes to the District, they look around and see dozens of construction cranes, 300 shiny new restaurants opened in just the last two years and inevitably think the District must be booming. There are certain segments of the economy that are doing well and affluent residents have benefitted tremendously, but there is… Read more »Read more

Economic Growth DC’s Agenda

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“The District’s economy needs to grow at a significantly faster rate in order to create the number and kinds of jobs we’ll need over the next generation. Faster growth is required to increase the incomes of District residents, and we need it to produce the amount of tax revenue we’ll need to do the things… Read more »Read more

One Small Example of a Better Way to Regulate

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  In this article in the Washington Business Journal, reporter Michael Neibauer writes about an upcoming regulatory change by the District’s Department of the Environment:  The District is proposing to prohibit non-road diesel engines from idling for more than a few minutes at one time, citing the emissions spewed by the equipment and the environmental and… Read more »Read more

Where to Start with Regulatory Reform Part II

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In a previous post, Where to Start with Regulatory Reform, we made the case for changing the incentives that govern the way regulators are measured and compensated. Today, we offer a starting point for the District’s regulatory reform efforts: The Problem In a Washington Post article dated July 10th about Aetna’s withdrawal from the DC… Read more »Read more