The Fiscal Implications of Immigration Reform

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The idea that the world is on the verge of some kind of catastrophic overpopulation crisis is a myth popularized in a 1968 book, The Population Bomb, by Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University. The truth is actually closer to the opposite of his theory. Birthrates in most of the developed world have already fallen below… Read more »Read more

Without a Paycheck.

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Unemployment By Ward 2014 Infographic

This infographic represents the headline unemployment rate, but it is not a true picture of joblessness in the District of Columbia. For a better understanding of the true scope of the unemployment and underemployment problem in DC, you have to look at the U6 unemployment rate. The headline rate represents the number of people who… Read more »Read more

Why Economic Growth DC Exists

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The District of Columbia is 75% registered Democrats. Residents expect a robust local government that provides many services to many people. That is their right and they’ve voted into office a group of candidates who execute on that mandate. Economic Growth DC exists to raise awareness of the fact that it is private sector economic… Read more »Read more

Downsizing the American Dream

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In this National Journal cover story, Amy Sullivan details more of the downward pressures facing the middle class. Another great national challenge is dealing with the fallout of automation and globalization. Drastic improvements to our workforce development system are the best ways to provide displaced workers with the kinds of skills that would allow for… Read more »Read more

A World Class Medical Center

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Number 5 on a 6 item list in the Mayor’s economic development strategy released in 2012 is the creation of a “best-in-class” global medical center. We think this is an eminently worthy project and we’d like to push for some progress on making it a reality. There are a number of world-class medical centers in… Read more »Read more

Anita Bonds

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Congratulations to Anita Bonds on her victory in yesterday’s city council special election. She won 32% of the vote with about 10% of eligible voters turning out.Read more

CRA 2013 National & Regional Economic Outlook

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We here at Economic Growth DC are numbers geeks. The best place to get your data fix is George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis. We wish they would post a separate set of numbers specifically limited to the District, but they are focused on the region as a whole. This is the powerpoint from… Read more »Read more

Infrastructure Bank

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We would generally be supportive of an infrastructure bank as proposed by the Federal City Council. However, this cannot be a repeat of the Youth Investment Trust. It must demonstrate that it can raise private capital. We would favor rules that prohibit the investment of public money without a certain percentage of private capital committed… Read more »Read more

Education Reform

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A dramatic improvement in student achievement is a goal near the top of the list for Economic Growth DC. A 100% high school graduation rate is an aggressive goal, but it’s the only result that’s acceptable.Read more