The dawn of a new era of manufacturing is upon us. Known as additive manufacturing, it uses 3D printers to construct complex objects out of basic materials. The District of Columbia is 68.3 square miles of densely packed urban life. It just doesn’t have the real estate to be a manufacturing center. But now, because of this technology, the District has a chance to become a micro-manufacturing center in its own right.

Economic Growth DC has proposed legislation designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and operate an additive manufacturing business in the District of Columbia, the Start Your Additive Manufacturing Business Here Now Act of 2013. We have also proposed a tax credit for an entrepreneur or small business to defray the cost of purchasing a 3D printer, which can run from $3,000 to well over $10,000. Read more about 3D printing below.

We like the idea of the District being on the cutting edge of technology by fostering the growth of a new industry, and we like the message it sends to the country and the world — the District wants to a nurture this new technology and lead this dynamic new industry.


3D printing