Number 5 on a 6 item list in the Mayor’s economic development strategy released in 2012 is the creation of a “best-in-class” global medical center. We think this is an eminently worthy project and we’d like to push for some progress on making it a reality. There are a number of world-class medical centers in the U.S. — the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic come immediately to mind. Both institutions are expanding outside of their immediate geographic areas. For instance, both have facilities in Florida. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’d like to see an effort to convince one of these organizations to lead the construction of our global medical center. While the District has some glaring gaps in its healthcare networks, including a shortage of certain specialists, the market here is very competitive with generally good care. The District would probably have to make use of considerable incentives, including free or near free land, but we think it would be worth the effort to jump-start the medical center project. There are more details in the Mayor’s strategy document here:

2012 5-Year Economic Development Strategy