The Economics of the Anacostia River

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For decades, a network of streams running through Montgomery and Prince George’s counties have carried raw sewage, polluted runoff and toxic industrial chemicals into the Anacostia river. The Anacostia is also heavily influenced by tidal forces which means that in normal weather, toxins that get in the water are not flushed out. The primary effect… Read more »Read more

DC Economic Growth Action Fund Legal Documents

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Economic Growth DC strives to be extremely transparent about its operations. All of our board meetings are open to the public. Our tax returns will be a matter of public record. Every dollar that we spend will be made public. Just for the record, below are the incorporation documents required by the District and the… Read more »Read more

Without a Paycheck.

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Unemployment By Ward 2014 Infographic

This infographic represents the headline unemployment rate, but it is not a true picture of joblessness in the District of Columbia. For a better understanding of the true scope of the unemployment and underemployment problem in DC, you have to look at the U6 unemployment rate. The headline rate represents the number of people who… Read more »Read more